Dealing with PTD

May 11, 2014

PTD - Post Travel Depression (noun): When you've just returned to your home country after an incredible journey somewhere way cooler than where you live and are now a sad little mess hating reality. 

There is no cure. It is inevitable that you will get PTD upon arrival home after any trip. This time it hit me hard though. I've eaten Indian food all week! Now that's pathetic. As the week went on though, I thought of how I've actually grown to deal with PTD. So, here are my top 10 ways of just getting over it...

1. Even though you sulked the entire plane ride home, make sure to smile and give a HUGE hug to whoever picks you up at the airport. Don't say anything sad. Think of how much you missed them, and tell them that, even if you didn't.

2. Make cleaning out your suitcase the first thing you do. If you let it sit for too long, you'll start to get emotional as you put away all your funky finds. 

3. Try and tell stories only a handful of times. For example, get your family together and tell them everything at once, and then do the same with your friends. If you let it all out in one big spill, you'll stop having to explain it so many times and won't have your awesome adventurous stories always sitting on the tip of your tongue, waiting to jump out at another friend, cousin or grandmother.

4. Blog while you are away! I didn't really think about how much I wrote while I was away. Most of my family and friends were already aware of everything that happened. They even knew who was who in our little photo sharing session. I made all my new international friends famous in Canada!

5. Try and get out on your first weekend back. You may be extremely broke, but just get together for a coffee with a friend or go for a walk somewhere. Getting back into your regular routine will help your pouting turn into a smile.

6. Whatever you do, don't listen to all the awesome music you downloaded while you were there. For example, me listening to Bollywood makes me want to break out into some serious booty shaking, and then when the song ends, I pout again. So DON'T DO IT! Even though it's happening at this very moment...
7. If you have a dog, snuggle him. They may hate it, but you'll feel better.

8. Watch all the videos that went viral while you were away. That alone can take up an entire me.

9. Exercise. Let's face it, you've probably gained some weight while abroad and nothing will make you feel better than running off some steam and some calories.

10. Start planning your next trip, that also makes your pout go away and redirects all your energy. Unless you are planning another trip to the same location...sigh.


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