Mon Petit Phoque

July 28, 2014

Yes you read that correctly. 


As I mentioned in my last post, I recently hosted a dear friend of my mothers from France who left for home today and I am extremely heartbroken. It's amazing how someone so far in your past can be brought into your present by fate and bring so much love, kindness and positive change to who you are. As a brief recap, my mothers wedding gift was a surprise visit from Eric, a dear friend she met on a Contiki back in her 20's while travelling through New Zealand. The two instantly become inseparable and travelled back and forth between Canada and France for many years. I joined in on the routine at the age of 2 in '94, when we backpacked through France, and again in '96 when we cruised through Quebec. They lost touch when my mother married the devil in 2000 but were able to reconnect when I decided to investigate just who this mysterious travel buddy was.

Facebook brought me to multiple dead ends and Google tested me with multiple advanced and key word searches. Nothing led me to him. Eventually I found Eric through a man by the name of Govinder in a small town of India, who had met him while he was touring groups throughout Southern India. After years of emailing back and forth, and a few Skype sessions, Erics spiritual leader Amma happened to be leaving for a visit to Canada where she would meet Montreal and Toronto followers. Her Toronto visit took place just two weeks prior to my mothers wedding, making it the ultimate plan to have Eric stay with me. This allowed him free lodging while taking part in Amma's program as well as getting the chance to see my mother again after 16 years. The surprise brought everyone to tears. But what's important, is what he brought us. My whole family is smitten by him. His positivity, the energy he brings to every room, his diet, happiness; somehow in just two weeks, he spread so much joy throughout so many peoples lives. I finally got to know the man my mother has always been so fond of, who she has experienced so much with; I truly made a new friend and a new family member. My mothers best friend is now my own. With our own inside jokes and silly moments, like putting me to bed after my mothers drunken wedding, Eric and I have created such a strange and endearing bond. It's funny how fate can bring what you need most in your life without even knowing it. I'm so lucky to have experienced his presence as a young adult. There is no way I could have ever known what a saint he truly is at such a young age. 

I'm not sure who to thank for this experience. Thank you life, thank you earth. I'm not religious but there has to be someone watching over mom and I to have brought such a special person back into our lives. Thank you.

I didn't want to say goodbye because I know we will cross paths again (ahem, sooner than later) so instead of saying bye, I said au revoir - see you again.


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