Not So Shanti Shanti

September 26, 2015

Angry Indian Goddesses, eh? I was invited to watch the final screening in Toronto at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) by my old friend Rachel, who's been off living the dream for the past five years in New York City. We recently reconnected while she was on the search for a development organization to volunteer with in India. She mentioned she had me in the back of her mind while on the look out then suddenly found herself on the EduCARE website looking into my smiling eyes on the COM team page. Coincidence? I love how fate works!

I arrived at the Scotiabank theatre at Adelaide and John (late, of course); my short legs scurrying as quick as possible under my maxi shirt, the sides of my feet slipping out of my uncomfortable flat sandals. When my eyes met Rachel’s, a huge smile instantly spread across my face. Rachel is hands down the cutest person I’ve ever met with a cute little round face, big bright brown eyes, a beautiful smile and bouncy brown curls that hang just above her shoulders. She is tall and lean with long arms for embracing her loved ones. We sprinted up the stairs to our seats as the movie reel began to turn. The older couple beside us was not too thrilled about me showing up late, and voiced this very clearly so Rachel had told them I was actually sick in the bathroom. I entered that theatre with the greatest diarrhea acting skills you’ve ever seen!

The theatre hushed quickly as the sponsorship ads rolled on and the hilarious opening scene introducing the gang of girls starring in the film filled the screen. The opening set the mood. A cheery, fun, girl power type of feel, as the group of girls find themselves in Goa standing alongside their friend Frieda whom is about to get married. The lighthearted humour shifts midway through the film to a more in-depth and darker storyline as it sheds light on hushed topics in India such as homosexuality, divorce, rape, murder, economic status and the value of a woman. I cried. I cried hard, hard enough I had to conceal a few sobs. The ending was a force. That group of girls and storyline perfectly depicts why our generation is not backing down to issues we know and feel are important. We, specifically us young 20-something women, are not afraid to be heard anymore. Angry Indian Goddesses is no shanti shanti film. It is powerful and full of talented, empowering and beautiful female leads that really kicked ass in more ways than one.

Rachel and I looked at each other wide eyed as the end credits began to roll and the lights lifted upon the crowded theatre. We were instantly thrown into a discussion on the topics the movie featured as well as India as a whole and the many beautiful things that it does have to offer. We walked along Adelaide to the SoHo house, a private, members-only club for creative souls and sat drinking coffee and tea in their dining and lounge area on the first floor, furnished with big leather couches and comfy grandpa chairs; wooden tables, a long wooden “Mad Men” styled bar and beautiful antique and full bookshelves. It’s a very hip and cool spot for events and creative gatherings. We spent the afternoon there reminiscing, chatting about what we’ve been up too since Christmas 2012 (the last time we saw each other!) and our plans for the future. I do hope I convinced her enough to come along to India. She would be the perfect fit; full of energy, optimism and passion for social change. I absolutely adore her.


Although quite a different scenario in comparison to the film, I’ve found my time home hasn’t been very shanti shanti either. I’ve been home just a month now and still feel extremely behind on sleep. I’m out almost every night with friends or family, my weekends are jam-packed and my poor, poor Microsoft word hasn’t even been looked at for any type of writing purposes. I’m working an 8 to 4 Monday through Friday with a morning alarm of 6am and time in general just seems to be going so quickly! I’m already heading back in about 6-weeks or so and have no winter clothes to face the cold weather that sneaks up in the beginning of October here in Canada. Sigh. I’m quite impressed though that this week I accomplished having my first Pumpkin Spice Latte AND I saw Alabama Shakes rock out at the Air Canada Center on Wednesday night. But due to all these fun things, I have returned to my extremely unhealthy three to four cups of coffee a day...

I write this while still in bed on this beautiful Saturday morning but I just can’t even fathom getting up. Nine months of running around has finally taken its toll on my energy levels.

So everyone… namaskar and goodnight.


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