A Little Goes a Long Way #IWD2016

March 9, 2016

Nothing comes easy. Nothing should come easy no matter what gender, age or color. Working hard for something makes obtaining it so much more meaningful and makes you so much more grateful. You understand the value of a dollar, hard work and self-motivation. Raised by a single mother who somehow always found a way to make one dollar turn into five so she could give me the things I wanted, I’ve always been highly motivated and inspired my whole life to achieve my goals because of her. She helped shape me into the strong woman I am today and inspired my passion to help support those in need, providing my time to aid with finding the resources, development and training needed for marginalized individuals, specifically women, so they too can feel strong, independent and confident. Although getting what we want as women can sometimes be a little more difficult due to our gender, it isn't unattainable and as a community of women, supporting each other helps us jump over that hump in the road when on our way to success. 


As a change maker, a missionary and an individual passionate about social change and social good, always willing to make the time to help spread awareness of topics dear to my heart, like sustainable development and women’s empowerment, or utilize my professional skills such as marketing, sponsorship and event management in support of organizations helping change the world, or raising my socks and stepping into the field to initiative and manage projects affecting real lives in real communities worldwide – there is no slowing me down. I want to see and feel change in my lifetime.  On Friday March 4th, my non-profit organization, Raine Network, launched their first marketing campaign #WritesforWomen in support of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Myself and Raine Network’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Emily MacDonald, took to Yonge & Dundas Square downtown Toronto to ask Torontonian’s to share with us their positive thoughts, words and goals for the future of women’s empowerment and gender equality. The evening was truly filled with so much positive energy, beautiful smiles and good conversation but of course, there always has to be that one person who challenges you - luckily I love a good challenge.


“Hey, we’re gathering positive messages for women worldwide in honor of International Women’s Day! Would you like to write something for us?”


“Me writing something down isn’t going to do anything for women”, the 20-something man replied.


“Maybe not, but putting positive energy out there is better than those negative words you’re speaking.”


“Listen, women need to do something for themselves in order for change. I can’t do anything for them, especially as a male.”


“I entirely disagree with you. It takes men and women working together to make and see change, especially when it comes to gender equality and women’s rights.”


I began to tell him about Raine Network and our future projects launching this March and April in support of marginalized women in Toronto. While mid-speech, he rolled his eyes and began to walk away saying, “it’s not going to help.” His attitude bothered me, not enough to ruin my night, but it stuck with me over the last three days as I’ve gone over his words in my head. How can someone be so ignorant? If we all continued to think change will never happen and no one ever did anything to make our future more sustainable, we would be absolutely nowhere in life. Actually we’d probably still be living in caves with no electricity and no will to live, basically causing humanity to die out! Yes, a little dramatic but change and social good is within us all. We all want to do good, I truly believe that, and all it takes are little steps to climb that mountain and we definitely aren’t at the bottom anymore. We’re so far ahead thanks to so many amazing women and men who have brought us to where we are today and so many fantastic women who still dedicate their lives for a better future for women worldwide - for a sustainable future.


In honour of International Women’s Day, I wanted to share this little story because it only motivates me to work harder for the change I want to see. Today isn't just a day about women but a community of people working together for a better future for all. An equal future, a sustainable future. A future our children's children will be proud to live in and filled with opportunity for all.


It only takes one drop to make a ripple.





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