August 19, 2016

I noticed this hashtag recently on social media, and it put a smile on my face. Community is one of my favourite words, and within it there is so much power and potential. It's also a way of networking and growing that has really made our "millennial" generation who we are. FUN FACT: To qualify as a "millennial", you must have reached young adulthood around the year 2000 (even though I was eight...). With this in mind, it does help with identifying the differences between the "millennials" - for this argument sake, let's say young adults between 25 and 35 - and those currently under the age of 24 (not including me). At some point since 2000, having been fully aware, awake and educated on the effects of major terrorist acts since 9/11, the state of our economy, the danger our environment faces and the power we have to start a revolution, our generation has turned into a community that thinks, feels and acts together. And it's very different from what our parents did and do. We are all selfish yes, as any 20-something would be, but with a relatable goal among us all: we want to sustain this planet longer than our generation, and we want to enjoy our time on it. The only way to do that is to work together. 


Yesterday I attended a co-working and wellness pop-up event by Shecosystem, a network of female entrepreneurs working, creating and succeeding together. The Toronto-based co-working network is about a year old, usually running co-working get-togethers on Tuesday evenings at a local venue on Queen West. The founder, Emily Rose, will be launching her own space this fall for all female entrepreneurs looking for a co-working and meeting space for a monthly fee. The event ran over a span of three day but I wanted to experience the last day of the event because 1) my dear Gelaine (pictured left) would be representing Cambio Market at the all female artisan market, and 2) at 1pm a conscious dance party and wellness circle would be breaking up the work day. Too fun!


I spent the day with the group, working as much as I could (it wasn't easy with so many cool women to talk to around me), and left around 4pm with crazy amounts of energy and contentment flowing through my veins. There is something so inspiring and refreshing about being surrounded by like-minded, strong women that share similar goals, have intentions to be good, do good and feel good, and want to make their mark on this world in a positive way, whether that mark is on one individual or a whole continent. I was really touched when one woman mentioned me in the closing circle by how my strong work ethic inspired her. It meant a lot to me as I have been struggling with my next step, and it really confirmed for me that no matter what, I am on the right path and committed to whatever is put in front of me. 


Community to me is a network of people who are there to support, praise, improve and energize you whenever you need it. The "millennial" generation has really proven what community means by their endless effort to support one another and create good. At times when I feel I am alone and unbalanced, I always find myself at some type of event, meeting someone who inspires me or surrounded by a group of women filling the air with positive energy, and it completely realigns me.


As summer quickly comes to a close, I think it is so important to remember how far you've come in 2016, how much you've learned and how supported you have been as we enter into a new season, a new month and a new moon full of endless new possibilities.


We are all on a similar path, it's best we walk it together then breathlessly race to the finish line.





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