Travel Essentials: Colombia

January 6, 2017

Just a day away from hitting up my 6th continent: South America! This one's another quick trip as I head down to Mexico City for a few days then on to Colombia. 


Like many, South America is always on the bucket-list. It's hands down a backpackers paradise; rich with culture, food and the arts. Colombia became a must, like immediate MUST, at some point after visiting Nicaragua in July. And just like all things I put my mind to, I make it happen. Oh and the joy of layovers and free stopovers. I've always been one to take advantage. And two days in Mexico City seemed like the perfect opportunity to check out a destination I've been dying to experience, and most importantly, it's the home of Frieda Kahlo!


So, what's in my bag this trip? A fun combination of human, animal and planet-friendly beauty, skin and sun products, anti-theft protection, a portable solar charger, fun conscious fashion, only the best photo equipment (including my obnoxious selfie stick), and a good read: Magnifeco by Kate Black, my go-to guide for learning the good, the bad and the ugly in the beauty and fashion industries. 


Face & Skin

This trip, my trusty facial side kicks include my handy Arbonne essentials, including their face and body sun collection, as well as their delicious smelling, coconut lip balm with SPF. My calm cleaner is also included, although it doesn't make the 100ml cutoff, it's become a facial favourite so I'm checking the backpack just to keep him with me. As always, daily organic moisturizer comes from my mom's collection at The Pea Pod - available online in the very near future! 


Makeup? Well, in 30++ degree weather, all I really need is my homemade organic mascara - literally just activated charcoal, coconut oil, beeswax and aloe vera!



The ONLY thing that will tame this mane down south - DevaCurl. This fab conditioner, that I actually use as a leave-in, is sulfate-free and the smallest amount can make these crazy curls bounce for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Fashion & Accessories

Sports bras are my go-to most days, and the only need while abroad. Titika is a Toronto brand, by a fellow George Brown College student, making active wear extremely wearable from work to gym to beach to bar. The gorgeous necklace, as previously mentioned in my holiday conscious gift guide, comes from Diosa Del Sol. These incredible pieces are handmade in Guatemala and can take up to 18 hours to make! The sunny's come from a local boutique here in Toronto called Trove, a beautiful little shop in the Annex selling all Canadian and artisanal designs. 


My anti-theft satchel comes from Pacsafe, a great daytime carry, especially in busy market places and on city strolls. The bag protects you from any type of scanning device, keeping your passport safe, and the pockets and straps are more durable than most purses and camera bags, helping keep your items as safe as possible. The little blue guy attached? My ROBOCOPP, an alarm so loud even I want to run away, and its durable battery keeps it going for a consistent 30 minutes to help bring attention to any emergency situation.



My Sony goes everywhere with me, and through its lens I am able to capture some of the most precious moments that words could never describe. My FujiFilm Instax is getting quite old (I believe it was gifted to me in 2010!), but is always a great companion for getting hipster shots to later decorate my apartment with post-trip. My selfie stick - still proud of it! And my newest addition, X-Dragon's fabulous portable solar charger. Definitely a new MUST, and a sustainable one too!


Keep posted on what I'm up to down south by following along on Instagram for photo envy!













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