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February 9, 2017

One of the biggest struggles of being a conscious eater is finding the right resources. Locally produced, organic, vegan, fair trade, gluten-free; it can be tiring to constantly be on the search for new options. When Nature's Tale found its way into the Studio.89 space, I could finally take a pause from my search. Their monthly subscription box includes Canadian, eco-friendly, vegan and organic food, household, and personal care products, and every month is different! It's such a fun surprise to see what every box brings you, and what new brands you may discover and soon start stocking up on.


So, what was in my January box?

Matcha Ninja: cold pressed, organic and raw matcha 

Art of Raw: a raw, organic, and freaking DELICIOUS lemon coconut granola bar

Choose Chickpea: organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO chickpea and lentil pasta

Nud Fud: organic, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, raw tomato and herb crackers (great for dipping in soup!)

Cha's True Cinnamon - fair trade and organic cinnamon

La Chacha Soaps - all natural lip balm

Earth's Berries: bio-degradable, all natural laundry detergent



After receiving a December box when they first launched (and then jumping in to a full on 6-month subscription), I wanted to learn more about the two eco-gals behind the cute little brown and green box, made completely of 100% recycled materials: Diana & Sapna!


1. How did two cool gals like yourselves come together to start Nature's Tale?

We dreamt of changing the world through a social enterprise. We said if we're going to start anything, we're going to do in a way that it incorporates people, planet and profit. Our focus is on encouraging conscious consumption, organic products and supporting other Canadian entrepreneurs. Diana's organic journey started over 14 years ago when she read David Suzuki's autobiography and learned about GMO's and pesticides. Sapna decided to join the health journey recently, often stating "going back to the roots and the way we used to live in balance with nature". We're also working on a new sustainability/social component to weave in addition to all the things we do.


2. What is the selection process you go through when choosing what items will make it into your monthly subscription boxes?

Although not stated, we try to curate items with an underlying theme in mind (Eg. detox for Jan box - clean snacks, detoxing from toxic substances in personal care and laundry...so we featured clean products!) We source only from Canadian vendors, often local and small batch artisan vendors. Some products Diana has been consuming for 10 years or longer and we always hunt for the latest products at trade shows and events. We test every single product we feature.


3. How do you think these products influence your subscribers' shopping trends?

Educating them on the benefits of organic products and the difference it makes (e.i. fairtrade). Introducing them to something new every month so they can look to incorporate healthier products in their life next time they shop. Appealing to the fact that they are part of something bigger than themselves and their purchases have an impact (Canadian economy, supporting sustainable products for the earth, fairtrade in how the people are treated, organic health for them and environment).


4. How flexible are your subscription plans?

We have plans for 3, 6 and 12 months, making it really flexible for someone to try it out. Shipping and taxes are included in the price. The billing for a subscription for yourself is monthly, and we have a 30 day cancellation policy (30 days after 1st box has shipped) for the plan if you want to unsubscribe for the remainder of the period. We have similar plans for gifts as well, including a 1 time gift box option.


5. How has business been since launching in December 2016? Tell us the successes and the struggles!

It's been a great journey so far. We've been working on setting everything up for 1 year and to see it come alive is really exciting! Our customers are really excited once they try the box and it's a nice treat for yourself or a friend! Of course with entrepreneurship, there are always challenges and putting out a million little fires but our dream of introducing a little organic into everyone's life keeps us going. 


We try to include a mix of organic, natural, fairtade, vegan, gluten free options. The items are always vegetarian at a minimum to be more inclusive of everyone's lifestyle. 


One of the struggles we would like to share that we faced was sourcing for sustainable packaging for our box. During our journey, suppliers thought we were insane because we were so particular asking about eco-friendly options. We are the first subscription box in the world to do this. We're very proud to state that our logo, marketing brochure and krinkle cut are all 100% recycled paper printed with vegetable ink. Our box is made of some recycled content, is reusable and is 100% recyclable and in the future we have some even better options in mind. 


Including sustainability in our day to day working, we also try and reduce our environmental footprint in our daily operations: working remotely and trying to reduce unnecessary travel, paper use is almost non-existent in daily ops and constantly innovating on what more can we do. 


We'd love you forever if you did all or some of the following:

1. Check out the box and sign up

2. Share it on social media

3. Blog about us and help spread the word

4. Tell your friends

5. Tell your mom

6. Tell the world


Green living is more than just a passion for Diana Gaspar, it's a way of life. Diana has been learning about and introducing organic food and eco-friendly products to friends and family for over 10 years now. Diana hopes to inspire others to start their healthy and green living journey and create their own tale to inspire those around them.


Sapna is a project management and business professional who has completed her Bachelor in Pharmacy and studied global business management. Inspired to create a better world through entrepreneurship, she co-founded Nature’s tale to introduce a little organic into everyone’s life one product at a time, making it easy to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to be green!


Ready to try it out? They will be accepting orders for the February 2017 box until Tuesday February 14th. Be sure to signup online by clicking here!


Keep it green, my loves!





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