An Open Letter to Every Airline Worldwide

March 2, 2017


To the very rich people behind every airline business,


I am writing this message as I am continually appalled by the amount of waste produced by airlines everyday. It baffles me and leaves me speechless that even in one of the most unsustainable industries in the world, not a single team member, from ownership, to management to flight attendant, is doing their part in contributing to sustainable development and conscious consumerism. I write this after being served aboard an Aeromexico flight on Monday January 16th, 2017. Every single item on my plate contained a plastic wrapping or container, the hot items were concealer with tin foil, and the cutlery was made of plastic that comes inside a plastic wrapping. Every passenger was served beverages in plastic cups, that were replaced every time someone ordered a new drink, and we were given blankets and pillows that came nicely packed in soft plastic.


It is 2017 and we are so fortunate to have alternative, sustainable options for consumable and disposable products, such as bamboo, plant starch and real, metal cutlery that can be washed and reused. Why do airlines, like yourself, continue to use disposable products that harm our planet by not being able to break down into our soil? Why are airlines, like yourself, not keeping up with the conscious trend of 2017? We need to move forward and upwards with conscious and sustainable consumerism. We ALL need to do our part as a global community to positively contribute to our beautiful planet earth. I urge you to review your options and make a choice that positively impacts your customers, our economy, and our environment.


I am more than happy to be a volunteer for your airline to identify and secure new options that will contribute to our environment in a more sustainable way, that is cost effective for your company as well as a financial boost to the local economy of your hub cities.


Airlines need to be accountable for their effects on our world. Travel is such a positive and inspiring hobby for many people, but also the most unsustainable. I urge your organization to do its part when it comes to sustainable development and change its ways.


Please contact me at 1-647-528-7216 or at, and I will personally volunteer my time to identify, negotiate, and secure new food, beverage, and disposable products for your airline. I want to ensure your organization is able to assist in helping push forward an agenda of global sustainable development, while still managing a thriving and successful airline company.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from your organization in the near future.




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