5 Ethical Fashion Brands Slayin' 2018

January 5, 2018

Happy New Year, all! I am so thrilled to be in 2018 with so much goodness to experience and grand goals to accomplish throughout the next 12 months. One being my newest project with my dear friend Manoj: Hara House - a zero waste guesthouse and social enterprise investing in education, environment and social entrepreneurial projects in North India. Our (first) guesthouse has been purchased in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, and set to officially launch for New Years 2019. We'll be announcing more soon with the launch of our Indiegogo campaign on March 2nd. Stay tuned!


2017 was filled with growth here on Sunshine & Raine, allowing me to focus on spreading more awareness and resources for ethical fashion, responsible travel and social good. Thank you for reading and sharing all year long! Something I noticed recently is that I've been getting a lot of asks about my favourite ethical fashion brands, and I never actually realized that I had a go-to answer. Over the past 6 months or so, these brands have consistently impressed me with their sustainable practices and approaches to slow fashion, bringing to the market both educational resources for consumers, and products good for humans, animals and the planet. So, to help you with your closet's environmental footprint this year, I've decided to openly list the top 5 ethical fashion brands that I 100% support and are simply slayin' the game. 


1. Doodlage

This Delhi-based brand takes textile waste and upcycles it to make artistic and trendy collections. Designing for men, women and your home, this zero waste brand is bringing a whole new approach to ethical fashion, and providing a unique touch to every piece they create, as no two are exactly the same! Collections range in textiles, from corn fabric to upcycled cotton, and can be tailor made to your size. Designer, Kriti Tula, works with the entire team to foster creativity, leadership and innovation. Learn more by reading my recent interview with Kriti on Causeartist.


Note: I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the Doodlage team on the upcycled campaign tees and totes for the Hara House Indiegogo campaign, and the overall design and aesthetics of the guesthouse.


Current fave looks:




2. Mara Hoffman

Famous for her exciting and vibrant swimwear, Mara didn’t actually start off with a sustainable approach whatsoever. She consciously made the switch to focusing on more ethical production after giving birth to her son, and realizing the amount of waste and overproduction his generation (ahem, and MINE!) have to deal with due to the negative impacts of the fashion industry. At first, they made a shift to 78% recycled polyester for prints, and 78% recycled nylon for solids. This soon turned into a major push for integrating sustainable textiles such as solely using 100% regenerated nylon fibre and nylon waste for swimwear, GOTS certified organic cotton, Birla viscose obtained from the pulp of sustainably harvested trees, and more. Mara has also implemented sustainability standards for her partnered manufacturers, and primarily works with female artisans in India.


Current fave looks:


3. Modernation

Hailing from Southern California, you can already assume this bohemian and chic brand is killin' it. Add their values in utilizing deadstock, vintage and sustainable materials sourced locally to curate their capsule collections, and you’ve basically got a winner for go-to, year round faves. Their unique (and limited!) pieces comes at you in three collections: capsule, vintage and sustainable, partnered brands.


Current fave looks:


4. Milo + Nicki

I think I’m officially obsessed with these two. Milo (the most adorable pup), and Nicki (one of the raddest chicks I know in fashion), have found a way to mix their love for humans, animals and the planet by creating collections from sustainable textiles, such as Ahimsa silk and banana waste. They are totally shaking up the fashion world with their bohemian, femme collections ideal for vacationing, lounging on rooftops, and literally for anyone who is not currently living in Canada (get me out of this weather-please). 


Current fave looks:



5. Azura Bay

This sexy, Canadian (!) collection of ethical curated lingerie, swim and underwear is my go-to for looking good and feeling good. Choose from organic cotton basics to recycled nylon bathing suits, to bamboo satin PJs. Quick shop their Insta, or scroll through their exciting collections from over 10 ethical brands, including those from the U.S and beyond (great for Canadians not wanting to deal with stupid shipping fees). All pieces are delivered in 100% recycled packaging and each purchase comes with a donation to a partnered organization of your choice.


Current fave looks:


Happy 2018, friends! Let's get sustainable and sexy!



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